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"I Support Israel" Event

Thursday, July 31, 7 PM, Jewish Federation, Manchester. This event will give us an opportunity to come together as a community and show our support for the State of Israel as its citizens find themselves under constant attack from Hamas and other terrorist organizations. Speakers to be announced. Please note that no outside signs or large bags/backpacks will be allowed in the building and all bags brought in are subject to search. Any questions please contact the JFNH office at 603-627-7679.

You can make an online donation to the Emergency Campaign for Israel here:

Israel continues to suffer under a constant barrage of rocket and mortar attacks, which have injured and terrified Israeli civilians in cities, towns and kibbutzim across the country. Israel is not only facing a threat from rockets fired out of Gaza, but now must deal with an elaborate system of tunnels built by terrorists, with one goal in mind: to infiltrate Israel in order to kidnap or kill Israeli civilians. Fortunately the Israeli Defense Forces have done an excellent job thus far in finding and destroying the tunnels, but the fact that they exist at all points to the kind of existential threat which Israelis must contend with on a daily basis.

Beyond the resilience of the Israelis themselves perhaps the most amazing thing to occur in the middle of this current conflict is the fact despite ceaseless attacks on its own people, the government of Israel has worked tirelessly to send food and supplies into Gaza and to provide medical care when they can to Palestinians injured in the fighting.

At times like these it can be easy to feel helpless, but the reality is that we do have options when it comes to showing our support for Israel. One important action we can take is to participate in the Jewish Federations of North America emergency fundraising campaign for Israel.

Each federation across the country had been asked to participate and send what we can, including the Jewish Federation of New Hampshire. By joining with other Jewish communities across North America in this effort, we are not only providing badly needed financial support, but sending a powerful message to the people of Israel that they are not alone as the rockets fall and the sirens wail from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.

We are very grateful to everyone who has stepped up and made a contribution to this important cause, and hope that if you have not already made a donation that you will do so today. Any amount will be greatly appreciated and every dollar will make a difference to the families whose lives have been torn apart by Hamas and its brutal assault on the people of Israel.

Thank you,

Daniel Cohen, President
Daniel E. Levenson, Executive Director


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