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Celebrating Israel: Stretch With Me

A Rabbi in the House Column, by Rabbi Jon Spira-Savett, Temple Beth Abraham

If I had to pick one theme to celebrate about Israel that connects with us, especially as American Jews, it would be: stretching.

For me personally, Israel is where I found my own independence. As an 11th grader re…

Why I Give to JFNH

By Evelyn Miller

When I first joined the Jewish Federation of New Hampshire, it was going through the process of transitioning from more of a Manchester organization to a statewide one. Over the five years that I have been a board member, I have watched this organization change its location…

Israel: Books, Vision and Reality

by Dinah Berch, Program Coordinator, Jewish Federation of New Hampshire 


It should be easy to write another article about Israel, right? Haha.

It’s not that I’m not familiar with the country. I’ve been to Israel numerous times. I met my now-husband on a bus tour of Israel when w…