CHAI Challenge

Combating Hate, Antisemitism, and Injustice


JFNH’s Antisemitism and Diversity Committee’s CHAI (Combating Hate, Antisemitism, and Injustice) Challenge initiative for teens is a call to action.  It invites teens to participate in three programs offered by JFNH dealing with racism, antisemitism, and injustice in our society, and to become ambassadors for tolerance in their communities. For upcoming programs please see our calendar. Teens may also make a TikTok video or write an article about antisemitism to satisfy one of the program requirements.  There will be plenty to choose from and something for everyone.


Teens who complete the challenge during this academic year will receive a certificate of program completion and a gift certificate. More importantly, they will be leaders in the fight against antisemitism, hate, and injustice.


We hope teens will encourage their friends – Jewish and non-Jewish – to participate, and that they will have fun as well as learn about antisemitism and other forms of hate and strategies for dealing with these troubling encounters.


Intolerance is a problem we must all address and work together to combat.