13 2020

ADL Presents Words to Action Grades 6-8

4:00PM - 5:30PM  

Contact Allyson Guertin

The Jewish Federation of New Hampshire is excited to welcome the ADL back for Words to Action.This program is approximately 1 1/2 hours and is for students in Middle School (Grades 6-8).  The program is designed to help students increase their understanding of anti-Semitism and the way it manifests itself, including anti-Semitism that is fueled by anti-Israel sentiment; increase their awareness of incidents of anti-Semitism in their environment; improve their ability to address specific incidents of anti-Semitism and/or anti-Israel bias and to select appropriate responses; develop and use a variety of preventive and reactive responses to challenge incidents of anti-Semitism and/or anti-Israel bias; increase their ability to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to address anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias; and enhance their leadership skills by developing a willingness, motivation and commitment to take personal action against anti-Semitism.

Whole group and break out rooms will be used to allow students the opportunity for to share and discus as well as reflect. 

This program is or the student only. Parent programming will be announced soon!

September 13th ~ 4PM 
This will be a virtual program run on Zoom - You will receive the link and password once we receive your registration,
Please register by September 9th