19 2024

Artificial Intelligence, the Benefits and Challenges of AI Technology

9:30AM - 11:30AM  

Temple Beth Abraham
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Nashua, NH 03064

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The current fad in AI is known as generative AI. Although generative AI confabulates responses it nevertheless passes the Turring test. Improvements are constantly being made to this technology. The near-term risks of AI technology are human abuse to misinform and manipulate the public. It is not currently clear when we might see the emergence of Artificial General Intelligence, which can perform non-physical tasks at least as well as a person.

Jim Isaak examines how we got here, and what it means for the next year or two as the scope and reach of the Internet continues to grow and influence our lives.

If you missed Jim’s engaging and highly informative presentation to us in 2020, be sure to mark your calendar for this event, you won’t want to miss it!  

Jim’s discussion will be followed with an open question and answer period.

Sponsor: The Southern New Hampshire Jewish Men's Club