3 2019

The Israeli Election Experience

3:00PM - 5:00PM  

Jewish Federation of New Hampshire 273 South River Rd.
Bedford, NH 03110

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Presented by Emil Campeanu with guest New Hampshire Shlicha Avia Sagron:

The Israeli elections are complex, intense and passionate. A myriad of political parties representing a wide verity of ideologies and social segements are competing for voters' attendtion, hoping to pass the famous "Ahus Ha Hasimah" or electoral threshold, get a few seats into the upcoming Knesset and becoming part of the Government coalition.

The purpose of this program is to familiarize the audience with the basic notions of the Israeli elections system such as "nationwide proportional representation", "Knesset", "Coalition", etc. and uses the 1977 elections as a case study to present some aspects of the parties that took part on those historic elections.

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