2 2021

NH Interfaith Collaboration Talks with Abenaki Spokespeople

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

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On December 2, 2021, at 7:00 pm, we will resume our Faith-Based Conversations by meeting with Ahni Malachi, Executive Director at NH Commission for Human Rights, to learn about HB2 Section 354, the Right to Freedom from Discrimination in Public Workplaces and Education and how claims may be addressed under the statute, AND discuss what our faith traditions say about what should and should not be taught in school and how the law compares with the statute.
This is an interactive workshop with breakout chat groups. It will take place via Zoom.
Leading the workshop will be:
(1) Susan S. Gabert, Ed.D.,
Assistant Dean of Students/Director, Campus Ministry, St. Anselm's College (Moderator);
(2) James T. McKim, Jr., the President of the Manchester Branch of the N.A.A.C.P, Chair of the Episcopal Church’s Executive Council Committee on Anti-Racism & Reconciliation, and Managing Partner of Organizational Ignition (Panelist);
(3) Anhi Malachi, who, in addition to being the Executive Director of the NH Commission on Human Rights, is the Chair of the Governor’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion (Panelist).
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