Temple Adath Yeshurun

152 Prospect Street
Manchester, NH 03104

P: 603-669-5650

Rabbi: Rabbi Beth Davidson

President: Eric Ratinoff

School Director: Stacey Garnick 

We are an historical congregation, nearly 140 years old.  While we take great pride in our Manchester past, we are also committed to our present and our future.  We offer an opportunity for those who so choose to worship, study, celebrate and mourn together; TAY is also committed to making our community and our world a better place, and so we are actively doing ‘TIKKUN OLAM’ --- repairing our world through ‘GEMILUT CHASADEEM’ --- acts of loving kindness. 

As Reform Jews,  we take seriously the mandate that each of us should make our own educated decisions about ritual and so you will find our families spread out across the spectrum of Jewish observance.  Each of us however, is dedicated to living an active and committed Jewish life, and we hope that if you are looking for a spiritual community to call home that you will consider joining the TAY Family.