Right now, as you read this, gifts from our New Hampshire Jewish Community are powering life-changing moments across town and across oceans.

In Israel and around the globe, you create countless opportunities for those in need while also imagining new programs that keep the spirit of innovation alive.

In your community, you’re powering all things Jewish – from food banks to future leaders. There isn’t a single aspect of Jewish life that your gift doesn’t impact.

Your gift to Federation powers it all.

Now and for generations to come.



“I can’t believe I’m here.”

At twenty-one, Anna had never thought much about being Jewish, until she embarked on a Federation-supported Birthright-Israel trip. Standing at the Kotel. Her palm against the ancient stone. People all around praying. Hugging. Crying. Anna said tears were running down her face as she joined her new “family” in the Shabbat service, feeling truly connected to Judaism for the first time.



“You helped me, now I can help others.”

Finish high school. Join the IDF. Get a degree. Not easy for someone from Avi’s rough Galilee neighborhood. But with the help of a Federation-supported, community-building program, Avi’s now not only a successful master’s student – he’s working with at-risk kids at his old school. He’s helping them develop the skills they need to live a better future. For themselves and Israel.



“I never felt safe before.”

Not long after their wedding, Rebecca’s husband started becoming violent. But she was too afraid to leave. Then he hit their two-year-old son, Danny. Rebecca knew they had to escape. But where? Fortunately, Federation was there. Providing safe shelter. Counseling. And the tools to move forward. Rebecca says now – finally – she feels safe.


These are just a few examples of transformative moments you power through your support of Federation. With your help, moments like these will continue to change lives and build community every moment of every day – here at home and around the globe!

No organization powers more Jewish moments than Federation.




Consider endowing your gift to ensure a strong Jewish world for generations to come.