The Shlichut Program

Shlichut is an outreach program by The Jewish Agency for Israel that brings shlichim (cultural emissaries) from Israel to live and work in the United States. Jewish Federation of New Hampshire partners with the Jewish Agency to bring one of these young adults from Israel to live and work with us here in New Hampshire. The shaliach works on behalf of the Federation, as well as with synagogues, preschools, religious schools, youth groups and other organizations, to create and promote Israel-related activities in the area.


Between the years 2005-2013, JFNH brought a shaliach to New Hampshire. They travelled across the entire state educating us, enriching our lives, and sharing their lives with us. This program was rekindled in 2017 with the arrival of Noam Wolf, followed by Avia Sagron. Our most recent Shaliach, Ra'anan de Haas, arrived in August 2021.

Welcome to Our New Shaliach!

Ra'anan deHaasRa'anan deHaas is a 29 year old from Tel Aviv, Israel. In August 2021 he was appointed by the Jewish Agency of Israel for a two-year term as "Shaliach" (Israeli Emissary) for the Jewish Federation of New Hampshire. 


He served as a Lieutenant in the Israeli Navy as a naval tactical control officer, serving in the army during operation “Protective edge” and  operation “Pillar of defense”.


For the past 7 years he has works in the Israeli Educational Robotics fields working for both FIRST Israel and running a high-school robotics department in Tel Aviv.


Ra'anan's goal is to share his Israeli experience and knowledge with the Jewish community.

Upcoming Events with Ra'anan

  • TEENS: Join us in the sukkah for pizza, havdallah and s'mores! Telescopes will be available for stargazing.


    Presented by the Jewish Federation of New Hampshire in partnership with CONTY & MAN...

  • Join JFNH Shaliach Ra'anan deHaas to go over news in Israel.

    Time: 11:00AM -12:30PM
    Location: JFNH office-273 S River Rd. Bedford

  • Twenty-seven years ago, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated, causing a rift in Israeli society still felt today.

    Join JFNH Shaliach, Ra'anan de Haas, for an interactive workshop ...

  • JFNH have partnered with DEKA to showcase their innovation to NH teens.

    November 8th is the mid-term and what's a better way to spend the day off school than to visit a company run by a Jewish Inn...

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