Part Time

Religious School Teacher

Etz Hayim Synagogue 1-1/2 Hood Road, Derry NH

HELP WANTED – Etz Hayim Synagogue Religious School Teacher

Join our education team to share your knowledge and passion for teaching our students Jewish practices and history. This position is for the Kita Gimmel class for our 4th and 5th graders. Students will be focusing on the Amidah and surrounding prayers. The curriculum includes:

Practice reading, emphasizing the prayers.
Learn recitation and chanting.
Learn to translate main Hebrew words/shorashim in prayer.
Learn general translation of prayer.
Discuss context, content and history of prayer.
Develop personal understanding and meaning for prayer.
During the Torah & Jewish living curriculum, students will be learning the second book of the Torah, Shemoth (Exodus), Jewish ethics and values and Jewish holidays.
Classes take place at Etz Hayim Synagogue, 1-1/2 Hood Road, Derry, NH on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:15 PM.
To apply or for more information, please contact Andrea Meyer at

Qualifications: Bachelor's Degree Preferred and 0-2 years of experience.