Annual Campaign for Jewish Needs 2021-22


Together, with the mission to provide help to those in need, 
we are the lifeline for the hungry, the homeless, the displaced, the lonely.

Together, we are a call to action, mobilizing our resources to make a difference.

Together, we are the network that connects people to people.


Together, we are a vital link to Israel, our tradition, our past, and our future.

Together, we are Federation!

Your Gift to the Annual Campaign Directly Impacts:

Children & Adolescents 

Your Jewish community, working with the North American Federation system, works to ensure the safe passage of every Jewish child into Jewish adulthood. We support educational programs, camps, after-school activities, foster care services, drug prevention programs and treatment programs for children in need. College and career training, volunteer opportunities, and Israel programs for all ages. 




One of the basic tenets of the Jewish faith is that the elderly deserve deference and respect. Federation supports a continuum of services to the elderly, working with the Federation system to provide nearly one million U.S. Jews over age 65 with social activities, healthcare, and necessary services such as transportation, housing, food and counseling.



Family & Women's Issues

Jewish Federations work in partnership with government agencies to provide a social safety net for Jewish families. That includes child and adult day care, child protective services, counseling, employment services and education.



Served by JFNA, Federations and their affiliated agencies assist thousands of refugees and legal immigrants every day.

Federations provide language training, healthcare, temporary housing, social and educational programs, job placement programs and vocational training, clothing, shelter, medical care, and other necessities for new immigrants in North America and Israel.



North American Jewish Federations are committed to the people of Israel and the survival and security of the Jewish State. They are equally committed to building partnership and understanding between the Jews of Israel and North America.

With support from the Federation system, the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) promotes immigration and absorption services in Israel.


Jewish Education

Torah -- Jewish learning -- lies at the core of Jewish life. The command to teach our children is contained in the Sh’ma, Judaism’s most sacred prayer. Throughout Jewish history, every Jewish community has taken this obligation to heart, building schools for the young and honoring those who devote their lives to learning and teaching. Jewish Federations continue this tradition today.


Public Health & Medicine

Federation-supported health services to Jews and others are provided through affiliated nursing homes, family service agencies, hospitals, and assisted living facilities, all in a religiously appropriate manner. Mental health services are provided by the system include Jewish Community Centers, training centers, employment programs, and more. JFNA, representing the North American Federation system, is an advocate in Washington, D.C., and state capitals for health care services.


Rescue & Non-Sectarian Relief

JFNA, the Jewish Federations, and their overseas beneficiaries work with a broad set of national and international institutes that span the world to provide relief, rescue, and reconstruction. The Federation system is dedicated to inspiring community members to secure the financial and human resources necessary to achieve the mission of caring for those in need, without discrimination. That includes supporting victims of natural disasters and assisting refugees from war-torn countries.


Social Action

The concept of tikkun olam (repairing the world) is central to the North American Jewish community's social activism. Federations have forged public and private partnerships with federal, state and local governments to care for the most vulnerable people in our society -- the homeless, the abused, the sick and the frail.