Family & Women's Issues

"And all the families of the earth shall bless themselves by you." -- Genesis 12:3

Jewish Federations work in partnership with government agencies to provide a social safety net for Jewish families. That includes child and adult day care, child protective services, counseling, employment services and education.


60,000 Jewish children aged three to six attend Federation-supported early childhood programs.


More than 6,000 Jewish teens participate in the Jewish Federation-supported JCC Maccabi Games every year.


Federations provide support for 100,000 North American youngsters to participate in JCC day and overnight summer camps each year.


Federations support "Shalom Baby" programs that provide first-time parents with referrals for Federation and community support services such as day care centers, playgroups, and other family-oriented activities.


Federations support federal and state funding for services, intervention, legal action and education aimed at preventing and stopping domestic violence, and the Violence Against Women Act in the U.S. Congress.


The Federation system offers state-of-the-art career counseling, including assessment of skills, interests, aptitudes, values, and personal style, educational and vocational counseling, job search coaching, interview skills training, and resume preparation. There are employment services for dislocated workers, youth, adults, and women entering or re-entering the labor force, older workers, new immigrants, individuals with disabilities and others.