25 2019

Avodah Shebalev Medidation

9:30AM - 10:30AM  

Temple Beth Abraham 4 Raymond Street
Nashua, NH 03064

Avodah Shebalev means “Service of the Heart.” When we tend to our own hearts, we feel more clear, more open, more loving, compassionate, patient and at ease so that we are better prepared to serve our families, friends, community and the world as a whole. For the past six years or so, a dedicated group of companions have met with me twice a month at 9:30 a.m. in the chapel to learn a little Torah, allowing her wisdom to inspire us as we sit together practicing mindfulness meditation. We are an open group that shrinks and expands according to the needs and availability of each member. Whether you are a longtime meditator or have never tried it before, we would love to share sacred time and space with you. In addition to a brief teaching on the weekly Torah portion, I offer simple, gentle guidance for the basic “how to” aspect of mindfulness meditation practice as I was taught by and continually learning from, my teachers at the Institute for Jewish Spirituality since 2004.

Come with your busy, curious, anxious, ridiculous, creative, confused, resourceful and wiser than you know heart/mind and sit with us for a little while. All are welcome.