11 2022

Beginner Hebrew Class - 8 weeks, online

6:30PM - 7:30PM  

Temple Israel 200 State Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Contact Heather Tomlinson

$ Cost $ 18.00

This is an 8-week, online class held via Zoom on Tuesday evenings. (No meeting the week of Thanksgiving.) Instructor Kathryn Mulhearn has taught aleph-bet, Prayerbook and Biblical Hebrew at Temple Israel for 15 years.

Participants must purchase the textbook on their own in time for the first class. Text: Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew (EKS 2015). Purchase from Israel Book Shop. https://www.israelbookshop.com, approximately $21.00, including handling.

The public is encouraged to participate. Tuition donation is $18, not including textbook. Checks may be made payable to Temple Israel Portsmouth, 200 State Street, Portsmouth NH 03801.