1 2022

BHC presents - Holocaust and Genocide: from Darkness to Light

2:00PM - 4:55PM  


Contact Ra'anan de Haas

The Jewish Federation joins the Bethlehem Hebrew Congregation’s Holocaust Memorial Program :Holocaust and Genocide: from Darkness to Light , including the music of pianists, Marjan Kiepura and Elizabeth Borowsky, Violinist Boras Traubas, Poetry by Dr. Judith Felsen and Professor Marjorie Agosin, and vocalist Noam Wolf.

Candles will be lit by members and honored guests in memory of the concentration camps as well as stories by children of survivors. 

We remember other acts of genocide throughout the world including those that continue to this day. The program includes the music of Schindler's List, “Rivekele de Shabesdike”, Eli, Eli, Ani Maamim, and ending with “Ani od hai” (I’m still alive).

It is a moving tribute that keeps the light of memory and renewed hope alive. This event will be presented on Zoom and is open to the whole New Hampshire Jewish community and their friends. Registration is required.


**This program is part of a series of statewide online and in person events organized by the JFNH in partnership with synagogues around NH from April 27th to May 15th to to celebrate Israel while remembering the many the perished for it's founding and survival.