11 2021

BHC Commemorates Yom Hashoah w/ Holocaust & Genocide From Darkness - Light

2:00PM - 4:00PM  


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The Bethlehem Hebrew Congregation will hold its Annual Holocaust Remembrance Service on at 2 p.m., Sunday, April 11, accessible to everyone this year as a Zoom presentation.


  • The program recalls the tragic losses to the Jewish people during the Holocaust, including stories of survivors within the congregation and North Country community, with poetry and music.


The service will be led by Dr. Judith Felsen and her husband Jack Karp who are children of Holocaust survivors and includes the following guest artists:

  • Marjan Kiepura, acclaimed pianist and author, will play the “Mazurka in A Minor, Op. 17, No. 4” by Frederic Chopin and speak about his famous parents, Martha Eggerth and Jan Kiepura, the dream couple of movies, opera, and operetta and superstars of the mid-20th century. 
  • Michel Adler is a member of the BHC Board, an avid skier, and child of Holocaust survivors. He has translated and published his father’s novel “I Am a Refugee.” Michel will introduce the work of his famous cousin Otakar Kraus (10 December 1909-28 July 1980) who was a Czech and later British operatic baritone and teacher.
  • Marjorie Agosin is a Chilean-American writer. She has gained notability for her outspoken support for women’s rights in Chile. In the video “Braided Memories,” Agosin and photographer Samuel Shats pay homage to her great-grandmother who escaped Nazi-dominated Vienna and made her way to Chile.
  • BHC Rabbi Donna Kirshbaum will join us from Omer, Israel, to sing “Ani Ma‘amim” (I Believe). The lyrics, set to a haunting melody,  are attributed to Azriel David Fastag, a Modzitzer Hasid. He reportedly composed the tune in a cattle car while being taken to Treblinka
  • Rabbi David Edleson of Temple Sinai of South Burlington Vt. will play and sing “Eli, Eli” based on the poem By Hannah Sennesh
  •  Noam Wolf singing “Rivkele di Shabesdike” (The Sabbath Widow) accompanied by pianist Elizabeth Borowsky at the 2018 Holocaust Memorial Service in Hanover, NH.
  • Borowsky will also accompany Lithuanian violinist Borisas Traubas who will perform the haunting musical theme of “Schindler’s List.” Candles will be lit in memory of the Six Million as well as in honor of personal memories of loved ones and friends


This service is open to our JFNH members, friends. Registration is required. Please contact BHC at bhcsynagogue1920@gmail.com to request a registration form.