29 2022

Conversations on Zionism: Does Israel Have Friends at the Pulpit?

7:30PM - 8:30PM  


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The time has come to show the world what Zionism looks like. That Zionism comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. That it’s inclusive, diverse, beautiful, respectful. That it builds bridges. That it’s about freedom: freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom from preconceived notions. That Zionism supports Israel, a country where synagogues, mosques and churches all share the same skyline. A country where Christians, Jews, and Muslims live as neighbors and sit around the same table – and while they may have different views, they all have a seat.

Join Jewish National Fund-USA for a series of interviews, panel discussions and more – all meant to facilitate a dialogue and expose the beautiful and diverse facets of modern Zionism, and its positive impact on many aspects of our lives, no matter where we are on the globe. Tune in as Russell F. Robinson and Rabbi David Wolpe, one of the most influential rabbis in the world, discuss the rabbinate’s views on Israel and the challenges and opportunities pulpit rabbis face as they lead their congregations.