1 2022


15 2022

NH Jewish Film Festival TV Series Binge Fest Labyrinth of Peace

12:00AM - 11:55PM  

Virtual on Eventive Platform

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$ Cost $ 24.00

Join us for a 6 Episode Mini Series based on a True Story
$24.00 per Household
Film link available for 15 days starting on
May 1, 2022 until May 15, 2022 ​

1945. War is over. Switzerland, the neutral small country at the heart of Europe, was all but spared: Klara, her fiancé Johann and his brother Egon are looking bright-eyed into the future. While Klara tries to mend the wounds of the war by caring for young, displaced holocaust survivors, Johann, who works for her industrialist father, hopes to save and modernize his father-in-law's well-established, yet troubled textile company. Just home from military service, Egon takes his first steps in the Attorney General's office. His mission: to hunt down escaped Nazis. All three of them soon realize that the facade of peace is bought with the blood of the victims of war. Johann's professional ambitions bring him closer to those who committed unspeakable war crimes. Klara risks her marriage while growing ever closer to Herschel, one of the survivors, who are all met with distrust by the locals. And Egon finds himself caught in a system that willingly turns a blind eye towards Nazi criminals for the sake of profit.

Sponsor: New Hampshire Jewish FIlm Festival and Jewish Federation of New Hampshire