9 2023

The Future of Work and Play Revisited

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Etz Hayim Synagogue 1 1/2 Hood Rd
Derry, NH

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Kurtzman is a market intelligence analyst, an adjunct educator, and the Research Director, at IDC. He presented this talk in February 2020. Now he will show how technology has changed and continue to change, effectively changing how we communicate, learn, work and play. This will affect how we create better (or at least new) consumer and employee experiences, altering the way companies and organizations hire, and how customers select what and where they buy. Special attention will be paid to how we are getting from today to the emerging economy, and actions you can take to stay informed and happy across the journey.

This program is part of Etz Hayim Synagogue’s Adult Continuing Education Program  Hot Topics and Cool Contemporary Stuff  More information, please contact: Stephen Soreff, MD, at soreffs15@aol.com or 603-895-6120

Sponsor: Etz Hayim Synagogue’s Adult Continuing Education Program